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Registration is now open for the February 13, 2018 meeting.  Lean more about HIPAA and how it impacts records not typically thought of when you see “HIPAA”. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of why it is so important to protect all records, regardless of the industry that they work in.  The meeting will be held at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis.


The March 13, 2018 meeting registration is now open.  Attendance is limited so plan to get your registration in early as it closes on March 11.  The meeting will be held at General Mills in Minneapolis.  The meeting will include a tour of the General Mills archives.


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Chapter Update 1-15-2018:   The TC ARMA Chapter Programming committee is hard at work making plans for the 2018 Spring Conference.  This year’s event will be at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on April 10, 2018.  Registration for Sponsors is now open.  Registration for attendees will open soon.  Watch your email for more information.


December 2017 Chapter Meeting Table Topic Summary

December 2017 Records Management Software


October 2017 ARMA International Conference

Orlando, Florida

October 2017 ARMA International Conference Attendees

 International Conference:

President Kristen Olson (back row on right) attended workshops on changing trends in records technology, the current strategies for GDPR, and various products for information governance.  These issues will affect nearly every business or agency. Emerging technology was a hot topic and included everything from e-signatures, scanning, and other different technologies and the direction they are taking. She attended a great presentation by representatives of Minnesota from Redgrave, 3M, and UBS called Keep or Delete? Managing Information During Significant Changes. It was a practical checklist of retention and disposition issues to address and tasks to complete during mergers, acquisition, and divestitures. Kristen was able to meet up with 95% of Minnesota attendees. Attending was a good bonding experience for new members.

July 2017 ARMA Leadership Conference

St. Louis, Missouri

July 2017 ARMA Leadership Conf - President Elect, Past President, Secretary
President Elect-Chris Johnson, Past President-Josh Schaffer, Secretary-Sue Dickens

Regional Leadership Conference:

Josh Schaffer spoke to the big piece that he appreciated – the value of regional membership. He voiced that it would have been more helpful to go in first year, rather than three years in, and highly recommended having new board members attend. It was very helpful to learn about engaging with board, members and outreach.

Sue Dickens reported she had several good takeaways. She enjoyed learning how to do an elevator speech to inform and garner support for RIM activities.  She also learned from the feedback from other chapters who are trying to avoid cliquish behavior.

Chris Johnson commented that her experience at the president committee breakout group was very informative and that it was great to see that there are different ways to do things. She registered surprise that the TC ARMA Chapter is one of the bigger chapters in the region.  She also said it was good to see what could be learned and that everyone was striving to do similar things. It was very energizing to learn other techniques to share with our board and members.

Kristen Olson reported that the regional conference was 85% positive and she joined the marketing and membership breakout and had good discussions about engagement, value to members, etc. She is incorporating new ideas for reaching out to members. Questions that help us understand why people seek membership will help us understand our membership better. Biggest concern shared at regional was about increasing membership. We are one of a few regions that don’t have membership issues. Discussions were helpful on how to retain membership and gain new members. Some of the same value strategies could be used for cultivating new vendors.

July 2017 ARMA Leadership Conf - Bus Relat Dir, President
Business Relations Director-Andrew  Seifert, President-Kristen Olson