About our Members

ARMA International Mentorship Program

Connecting with other information professionals isn’t easy when we’re spread across so many different roles and industries. Whether you’re new to the industry, trying to find an experienced professional for guidance, or a seasoned veteran eager to give back and share your connections and knowledge, a mentor/mentee relationship can be hugely beneficial to both parties.That’s why ARMA International Mentorship Program was launched:  it’s an opportunity for members to make connections, share experiences, and build a stronger community.

Read all about it here. You just may find what you’re looking for to help you advance your career.

Member Spotlight:

Greene Ben has been in the RIM industry for approximately 14 years and a member of ARMA for 10-12 years.  He is currently working at Land O Lakes. He has been on the TC ARMA board several times serving in a variety of positions.  Check out this member spotlight and learn more about Ben.