Spring Seminar

12 Chapter Joint Spring Seminar

April Brochure

May 2021 Brochure

The Twin Cities Chapter will be joining 11 other chapters to bring a virtual seminar to members and guests. The Twin Cities Chapter is kicking off the event with the April 13, 2021 webinar.  All events are free.  Registration links for the April sessions are in the brochure link above. Info for May sessions will be available soon.  Check back here soon for more information.

The Schedule of Events

April 13 – 15 and 20 – 22

April 13th – Twin Cities –Eric Parish from Ricoh – Topic: Emojis in communication

April 14th – Detroit –Ann Snyder of ARMA International – Topic: E-Discovery

April 15th – Indiana –Twila Kaye – Topic: Soft Skills/Career Theme

April 20th – Madison –Tom Moen from Microsoft – Topic: Most common RIM questions re: O365

April 21st – Lexington –Samantha Lofton Moss – Topic: IG: Post Pandemic

April 22nd – Louisville –Rae Lynn Haliday from the ICRM – Topic: The ICRM Goes Digital

                May 11 -13 and 18 – 20

May 11th – Central Illinois – Sue Trombley from Iron Mountain – Topic: How Chapters in RIM/IG can have an impact on Sustainability

May 12th – Kansas City –A panel discussion – Topic: Visions of the Future (predictions around RIM/IG)

May 13th – Northeast Ohio – Kurt Theiss from Access – Topic: not reported yet

May 18th – Mid-Michigan – Jennifer Silveus – Topic: Defensible Disposition

May 19th – Western Michigan –Chris Hockey present: Topic: IG Policy Development using the IGIM

May 20th – Milwaukee –Laurie Carpenter from Disney: Topic: From Cartographer to CRM